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Please read the following information to give you peace of mind.


1.      We will not accept walk-ins; we are operating an appointment-only system. Please book your appointment online or by phone.


2.      Cancel if you feel unwell. We will rebook your appointment for in a few weeks time.


3.      You should arrive for your appointment on time and on your own. Do not bring friends, children, or dog with you. If you are late for your treatment unfortunatly, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged cancellation fee (full price of your treatment/s)


4.      Please wait to enter the salon (ring the bell) and our receptionist or member of staff will let you in to the salon.


5.      We ask that you keep hold of your belongings until you leave Impress. Please do not use your phone or laptop during the treatment.


7.      Please wear mask.


8.      If you book your manicure please do not wear rings, watches etc.





Enjoy your day knowing you are in the best possible hands!

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Waxing is a vital way to keep your skin elastic, clean and smooth…

Facial care

Facials should be a regular part of our beauty regime...


Besides providing regular face & body skin care and a range of other SPA services …

Eyelash extension

 Great lashes don't happen by chance. They happen by appointment…


We have both UV and

Sunless tanning in

our offer ... 



Touch the body, calm the mind, heal the spirit...

Treat yourself to an ultimate relaxation…

Our beauty boutique will be your perfect getaway for any kind of body and mind relaxation and a skin care…

It’s been like that since the day 1, when our salon was founded by Kasia back in 2015.

She did so in a spur of a moment decision, after previously saving enough money working as a nail technician in a busy London salon.

Since then we’ve been expanding our salon’s team, our list of skin care and relaxation-inducing services and our name recognition as well.

Just think of such a tempting delight as visiting our salon is. Skipping your daily routine just for a while, like an hour, an afternoon or an entire day of total personal pampering.

We’re a #1 Barnes Beauty Salon for a number of reasons:

Variety of Care


Our salon is unique among other Barnes salons, all thanks to an insurmountable variety of skin care and beauty treatment that we have…

Qualified Staff

All of the salon’s staff members are perfectly qualified to get you relaxed & cared for… That’s all due to their immense talent and skills their hands have…



First and foremost, we’re a relaxation getaway… With the help of our beauty and skin health enhancing services you’ll be feeling yourself just like in heaven!

Reasonable costs


Although we do not tend to compete with 'value salons' our prices are not higher than in other salons in Barnes. Our prices affordability goes intact with our services quality!

Anyone who visits our salon even once has something nice to say…


Finally classy beauty salon in Barnes!!! I had Shellac manicure and was surprised with the quality. You get luxury manicure within the price! No rush, no chit-chat behind your back, just proper manicure with massage, cuticles cut etc. I loved the paraffin dip! Nice and calm atmosphere and a 'proper' latte…




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