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A  good pedicure is like a MOT for your feet - relieving them of calluses, dry patches and hardened skin and preparing them for the season ahead. Regular pedicures are the best way to keep your feet in prime condition. All Pedicures include nail shape, cuticle tidy, hard skin removal, foot massage, buffing and polish.
We offer:
- Spa Pedicure - Exfoliating treatment with aromatic scrub,
- Luxury Pedicure - Exclusive treatment for feet includes both Spa and Paraffin Wax Pedicure,
- CALLUSPEELING treatment – added to pedicure prevents the formation of cracks and callouses while keeping feet beautiful and healthy.

MAVEX Calluspeeling

Healthy and beautiful feet after just 15min! (Full treatment may take longer.)
Without the use of blades or drills,  completely removes cracked hard and calloused skin simply and rapidly.  These problems cause pain and discomfort as well as being an aesthetic problem.
 is a delicate and pleasant treatment, which gives a new shine and an extraordinary softness to the feet.
Mavex product are completely natural and free from parabens, formaldehyde, added preservatives, mineral oil and paraffins. They are formulated with a synergic complex of plant extracts from Swiss alpine herbs, plants and pure glacier water encapsulated in liposomes.
 is more than just a product, it`s a real wellness treatment. The feeling of lightness and softness that it gives to you is unequalled.